Looking for an exciting and unique off site for your team? We offer a half day team building workshop: The BANDALOOP Experience. It is an unforgettable, perspective-changing experience (quite literally!) designed to disrupt traditional modes of thinking and interacting, using our pioneering art of vertical dance. Facilitated by trained professionals in a safe, friendly and supportive environment, the leaders and the employees of your organization will stretch their thinking and physical capacity to work seamlessly and strategically, and experience a shift in perspective to unlock both individual and collaborative potential.

Hands-on gear and safety instructions as well as basic on-the-ground movement exercises will generate team awareness, levity, and camaraderie. The unexpected begins as the harnessed participants create and dance together on the walls and in the air, challenged to take risks, build trust, and not only embrace but also manage change. Guided facilitation and reflection in the middle and at the end of the session will illuminate key take-aways and spark understanding of a newly elevated team.

The best part: there is absolutely no dance or climbing harness experience necessary! All gear will be provided. The BANDALOOP Experience can be hosted at our studio in West Oakland, California, or at a mutually agreed location that meets our rigging and safety standards.

Contact us with your name, organization, approximate number of participants and desired dates. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Delightful, fun, professional, artistic.
— Richard Branson
There’s a lot to learn from a beginner’s mindset.
— IDEO Employee

Watch a short video about The BANDALOOP Experience, a team building workshop!


We offer keynotes, lecture-demonstrations and workshops on the company's signature public art process and community enrichment practices, and conversations/lectures drawing from our 25-years of global experience in mountaineering and performances.

The topics include principles of innovation, cultural diplomacy, collaborative creativity, risk management, and fostering an imaginative, engaged and embodied relationship with natural and built spaces. 

These presentations are tailored to the host's context and interests. We endeavor to share our mission of inspiring the human spirit in a diversity of settings from universities to prisons, high schools to youth detention centers, corporate headquarters to international conferences and beyond.

TO INQUIRE about these offerings or to get a quote, PLEASE CONTACT rika iino at Sozo artists, inc. at or call +1 917 791 3680.

"The sense of connection to natural spaces reminds me that I am a part of something greater than myself," BANDALOOP founder Amelia Rudolph talks about the story behind her pioneering art of vertical dance.

The BANDALOOP Experience was developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Harvard University's Center for Medical Simulation.