BANDALOOP’s Education program serves movers of all ages, helping people re-imagine what dance can be. We offer decades of experience  in site-reactive, off the ground performance making - skillfully mixing the logistical, technical and transcendent aspects of vertical art. All of our workshops and classes begin with BANDALOOP’s Culture of Safety as a foundation and ascend from there.

We encourage play with an expanded palette of expression, rigorous physical training, skillful collaboration, reflection and lots of fun. Our professional and pre-professional level trainings develop sensitivity and boldness in vertical performers.  Our youth programs give young artists opportunities to be confident, courageous, collaborative, and physically intelligent. BANDALOOP workshops are designed to engender an embodied sense of connectivity - within one’s self, with a partner, and in groups and communities.

“Our partnership with Amelia Rudolph and Bandaloop is one of our most powerful and enduring of our 25-year history, bringing sophisticated aerial dance training to many youth who would otherwise never imagine dancing on ropes from buildings and walls and theaters. Thank you, Amelia and Bandaloop for making magic with Destiny!”
— Sarah Crowell, Artistic Director, Destiny Arts Center

To inquire about our workshops or classes, please contact Krystal Harfert at