BANDALOOP offers a variety of instruction to facilitate the learning of vertical technique.

In the Air

Vertical Dance Technique classes involve instruction in off-the-ground dancing grounded in BANDALOOP’s signature safety and ascension practices.

On Site

Choreography of Place Choreography classes serve as an introduction to BANDALOOP’s process of dance-making. We will work with improvisational scores, collaborative phrase-building, and compositional exercises to generate new choreographic material in relationship to place. Where possible, original works with the company will be created inside, outside, in the air and on the ground. Any and all levels welcome.

The Prepared Body

These strength-training classes prepare the body for BANDALOOP’s creative process. Company members are certified in Pilates, Yoga, and MELT Method. Integrating these methods and practices builds and lengthens the specific muscles needed for Bandalooping. Any and all levels welcome

BANDALOOP Repertoire

Designed for more advanced dancers in a residency setting, these classes are offered in conjunction with the aerial workshops and grounded technique classes. Students will study and learn excerpts of our repertoire.

Grounded Flight

Release Technique Post-modern technique classes are geared toward any level of dancer, in the style of BANDALOOP’s on-the-ground dancing. Classes include elements of upright technique, floor work, inversions, improvisation, dynamic release based dancing. Any and all levels welcome.